How To Encourage My Child To Study Harder?

Some children are blessed with good study habits, while others possesses poor study habits. Parents helping their child to study harder has been proven to bring much joy to the family, both the parent and the struggling student will eventually be happy with the outcome of their effort. This article will show you a number of ways to encourage your child to study harder.

In order for you to be successful in encouraging your child to study harder, you will need to be patient with your child and you must also have an interest in your child’s school work. Try to get familiar with what your child is studying, as it would be quite difficult to help your child with a topic you are not familiar with.

1. Explain The Importance Of Good Study Habits To Your Child

You can help your child study harder by teaching him the importance of developing good study habits. Let him understand that good study skills will help him not just at the present, but also later on in life. Encourage your child to study hard on his/her own. No doubt, your kid’s teachers would have also been encouraging this quality during a regular school day but you still have to do your own part at home.

2. Get Your Child A Quiet Spot For Studying

Get rid of all distractions. Turn off the television as it is impossible for your child to concentrate on studying when his favorite cartoon or program is on. Also, if your home computer dominates most of your child’s free time, then you should turn it off too. You can erase major distractions that could hinder your child’s ability to study hard by turning off the computer and television.

3. Create a Study Timetable For Your Child

Use a large wall calendar and a set of markers to create a study timetable for your child. Help him understand how to use a calendar to make a study plan for each week. Assign a specific time to study a particular subject and the ideal hours he/she should study. You can also set a reward system for your child. For example, you may promise to reward your child if he/she does not miss any of the study session. Or you may decide to reward your child for every chapter he/she studied.

4. Be Present When Your Child Is Studying

As a parent, if you are available when your child is studying will encourage your child to study harder. Make yourself available for any questions he may have while studying. You can encourage him to study harder by showing interest and also by participating in his learning. Your child will be more open to studying harder once he/she realizes that you are there to help him/her through this process.

5. Find Role Models and Social Support

Finding a role model for your child will encourage him to study harder, as he/she will be able to imagine what they can become with hard work. Role models, just like a beloved teacher and being part of a peer group will play an important role in helping your child build a strong sense of his/herself. Your child would be encouraged and motivated when he or she see’s others like his/herself being successful at an activity.


Knowing and using the effective strategies to encourage your child to study harder can reduce your child’s negative attitude towards studying and also make you happy by helping your child improve his/her grades. But you must be patient with the child as good study habits take time to develop.