How To Discipline My Child When They Disobey Me

From time to time, a child will defy the wishes of his or her parents. Discipline is growing your child and testing your guidelines and expectations. Discipline is the only way a child can learn, discover their selves, express their individuality, and achieve a sense of autonomy. Discipline will make kids discover the boundaries between their parents’ rules and their own self-control.

Disciplining a child is never easy, but if you want your child to grow up with self-control and good manners, then it’s important for you to learn how to discipline your child the right way. Below are few tips to follow on how to discipline your child the right way.

1. Teach Your Child Natural Consequences

Explaining the natural consequences of bad behaviors to your child is a great way to let him understands that his or her bad behavior can cause sadness and regret. Instead of bailing out the child in certain situations caused by his bad behavior, let the child deal with the negative consequences on his own.

For example, if your child broke or ruined a toy, don’t get the child a new toy immediately, let him deal with not having a toy for a while, and the child will learn to take better care of important things.

2. Teach Your Child Positive Discipline Methods

Another way to discipline your child is by teaching him positive discipline methods, the methods involve you as a parent to work with your child to reach a positive conclusion that can help him really understand what bad behaviors are. You should sit him down and discuss the bad behavior and what can be done next.

For example, if your child lost his ball because he was irresponsible, sit him down and explain why it happened. Next, ask him how he feels without the ball. Let the child realize the consequences of his bad behavior and teach him how to be more responsible with important things.

3. Have A Reward System In place For Your Child

One of the ways to discipline your child for bad behavior is by showing the child how to act appropriately. You can reinforce good behavior by having a system of rewards in place, as a positive consequence for your child’s positive behavior. The rewards can just be a simple treat for obeying you.

Parents and their child can decide on the reward system together. If he wants a new toy, let the child know how he has to be kind and respectful and avoid any bad behavior. Also, parents should praise their child for good behavior, don’t just comment on your child’s bad behavior.

4. Avoid Lectures Or Threats

Lecturing or threatening your child for his bad behavior is not only ineffective in discipline your child, but can also hurt your child mentally and physically. Your child will ignore your lectures and threats if there’s no meaning behind them. For example, if you lecture your child about how he shouldn’t have lost a toy and you still go ahead to get him a new one, then he will understand that your words aren’t important as he got a new one.

5. Give Yourself A Break

Though it’s important to find a discipline method that works for your child, but remember that no one is perfect and no matter how hard you try, you can’t act right all the time. There will be times when you wish you had acted differently. As a parent, if you’ve done something you regret, make sure you apologize to your child.

Final Ideas

It is very important for all parents to discipline their child while maintaining a strong bond with the child. Do not spank, hit, or slap your child as kids usually don’t make a connection between bad behaviors and physical punishment.